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Lakeshore’s Level-up Guarding Against the COVID-19 Outbreak Situation

Lakeshore Group’s Comprehensive Level-up Epidemic Prevention to Safeguard the  Health and Safety of Each and Every Traveler and Employee

Lakeshore Promises Safe-Stay Hotel

Reception Policy

Guests listed below who are at risk of infections will not be entertained, neither will hotel room reservations and dining bookings by third parties on behalf of the aforementioned be accepted.

■ Guests under “Home Quarantine”, “Self-Health Management” or “Self-initiated Epidemic Prevention Period.

■ Those who refuse to have their body temperature taken, have a body temperature exceeding 37.3℃, experience cough, sneezing, shortness of breath or other respiratory tract symptoms and refuse to wear a face mask.

Obligations and Responsibilities of Guests to Inform without Withholding any Information

■ Guests must not conceal the following information: travel event history, the fact that the guest or others (including co-occupants, companions, visitors, etc.) have received “Home Isolation Notice,” “Home Quarantine Notice” or “Self-Health Management Notice.” Guests that have received any of the aforementioned notices after checking in or arriving in the restaurant should inform without withholding any information.

■Guests, their family members or third-parties making a hotel room reservations/restaurant bookings on their behalf who are aware that the aforementioned persons or specific persons (visitors) are at risk of the above infections. In case information is concealed, the hotel may cancel the agreement, refuse reception and return the deposit without liability for compensation. If the abovementioned behaviors cause damage on the hotel’s part, those concerned shall be liable for damages.

We are currently in a crucial time of the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, which requires our concerted efforts. Guests are requested to note their own or their relatives and friends’ physical changes, wear a face mask and frequently wash their hands with soap. In case of physical discomfort while in the hotel, please immediately notify front desk personnel who will provide immediate assistance. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Refer to the following platforms for latest updates and announcements on the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak:

■ Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s Website:
■ Centers for Disease Control’s LINE Official Account: Disease Manager
■ Call the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s epidemic prevention hotline: 1922
■ Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Website:
■ Ministry of Health and Welfare’s LINE Official Account: Ministry of Health and Welfare

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